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What Are The Biggest Levers? Mike Dooley

I see a lot of people fail in their health goals from misguided direction and efforts. Meaning, many people become overwhelmed by focusing on the details and often miss sight of the bigger picture which leads to frustration, low ... Read full article »

2 Ways Restaurants Make Diabetes Worse


Eating out at restaurants with diabetes can be healthy and accomplished in as little as 30 seconds following these simple 2 steps. Like many, I am willing to bet eating out at restaurants for you is a challenge when considerin... Read full article »

Only 44% Made It


There were 9 of us total and only 4 made it. Why did so many fail? In short, for a variety of reasons but I believe there is an overriding theme I see time and again and have experienced myself first hand. As I was cold, demorali... Read full article »

Doctored: Don’t Watch This Movie!

Jeff Hays is the producer of "Docotered" and health advocate.

Getting healthy is challenging, especially when you add the unnecessary confusion from the medical model we currently live in. Recently, when he gave me his name badge, I had the opportunity to be a movie director for a day (kiddi... Read full article »

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