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  • Blindness
  • Amputations

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Success – What Are You Doing To Move The Needle?

Mentors help prioritize all your good ideas.

I often get asked how to make progress towards success. A tactic I use with all of our patients and clients is to find a way to integrate healthy habits. The two healthy habits I combine are working out while listening to podcasts... Read full article »

This May Offend You, But It’s True

Take care of your body!

This may be offensive to some of you. There is a certain mindset that I come across regularly. People fit into one of two categories. They are either supportive or supported. People who have success with their health goals are tho... Read full article »

The Importance of Sleep And Tips To Help You Rest

The Importance Of Sleep For Overall Health

By Melonie Jorgensen, Wellness Program Director for Dr. Thad Gala So often clients talk to me about the trouble they are having with getting a good night’s sleep. I want to share today what the current literature is saying about... Read full article »

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