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Only 44% Made It

Posted by: Dr. Thaddeus Gala

There were 9 of us total and only 4 made it.

Why did so many fail? In short, for a variety of reasons but I believe there is an overriding theme I see time and again and have experienced myself first hand.

As I was cold, demoralized and exhausted, I couldn’t help but again think of how this relates to the struggles in overcoming the regular and seemingly overwhelming task of navigating the health care system including diabetes and other health issues.

Many people “fail” at reversing diabetes and chronic disease for the same reason most of those in our group did not reach their goal.

What is the reason?

A Clear Plan Is Needed To Succeed And Account For The Unexpected

Mt. Shasta is the second highest peak in California and can be a daunting task. We started at midnight on 9-6-14 and hiked for 7 hours straight up to 14’180 feet.  4 of us made it to the top and 5 of the group had to turn back due to hallucinations, headaches, nausea and other symptoms of attitude sickness, dehydration and fatigue.

I have failed to summit Mt. Shasta in California my first time as well as passing out during my first Iron Man race all based on one principle. I was unprepared and lacked the knowledge and experience to get to the end goal.  The reason I have succeed every time since was a combination of my access to people that had the resources and tools I needed to help educate me in reaching my goal as well as my own desire and willingness to take action with new information.

Ultimately, it is only a failure if you stop. Failures are learning opportunities that can often lead to success when looked at in the right perspective.

My family lost my mom to fibromyalgia. If she had given up and listened to the many doctors that told her there was no hope she never would have regained her health and become the vibrant Lead Health Coach she is today.

If it feels like diabetes is a mountain you are struggling to conquer and you’re wanting help and a beginning guide- I encourage you to start here.

In Health,

Thaddeus Gala, DC

P.S. Here are a few more things I learned on the mountain climb:

  • Fatigue starts to set in after about 2 hours.
  • Frequent stops are needed about every 10-50 steps after 10’000 feet elevation
  • Uninsulated water bottles started to freeze at around 12’000 feet.
  • Group members start hallucinating and experiencing altitude sickness around 9’000 feet and higher.
  • Fresh socks are crucial for the down climb to prevent blisters.
  • Going with a clear plan and prepared team is crucial.
  • The view, friends and the sunrise are all amazing at the top

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Dr. Thaddeus Gala is the Founder and Medical Director of both My Diabetic Solution and Complete Care in Southern Oregon. He trains other physicians on the leading research for chronic disease and endocrine disease reversal. He is on zero medications and is a marathon and ironman triathlete finisher.

4 thoughts on “Only 44% Made It

  1. Paulette Dutchak

    Thanks for sharing your story, it helps to know that you struggle with your goals and you give us tips to follow for success.

    1. Dr. Thaddeus Gala Post author

      You are welcome Paulette, I have failed at many things my first attempt but kept on going to reach my goal… I know you have made enormous strides as well, congrats and I applaud you for taking control of your own health!

    1. Dr. Thaddeus Gala Post author

      Carla, You are absolutely correct…Focusing on the everyday small wins instead of focusing on shortcomings gives a higher sense of empowerment and daily momentum compared to the victim mindset of always missing the mark.


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